Megan + Paul


Megan, 26 (going on 27 December 27th!), PhD candidate at the Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame

Paul, 28, PhD candidate in Philosophy at Vanderbilt University 


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"This Peg & Awl necklace...I'd been eyeing this necklace for months and months, when Paul surprised me with it for our five-year anniversary in England. While I had always been looking at it online, he had found one in Notting Hill at our favorite bookshop, Daunt Books!"


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"This coat because it was a gift from Megan, although it really was a gift to herself first, and then came down to me."

What's your Nashville story?

(They both started telling the same one...)

Megan: "One January, at midnight soon after the New Year, we were lazing about. Upon looking outside, we saw a most magical snowfall. So, in our pjs, coats, and boots, we strolled around our neighborhood-at the time, 12th south-and danced in the snow was quite spectacular."