Linda + Katie


Linda, Store Manager

Katie, 18, Student 


What's your Nashville story?

"I like the hot weather in Nashville even though I miss my San Francisco fog."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"My bracelet was purchased in Paris as a present for my 25th wedding anniversary from a designer specializing in lucite jewelry. Collecting bakelite and colorful eccentric pieces like these are my favorite!"


What's your Nashville story? 

"My favorite memories of Nashville include biking frantically around downtown with my best friend. We often ended up biking from our suburb to the Frist Center, often making a pit stop at Sky Blue Cafe or Fox's Donut Den if we were being specifically gluttonous. The trips often topped seventeen miles total, but the distance and the challenge helped me see Nashville from a playful perspective." 


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"The green beret is a locally bought chapeau that reminds me of my favorite movie Amélie. I love taking color themes and inspiration from films, and this kelly green is a motif in the film."