Lauren, 24, Personal Assistant

What's your Nashville story?

"My Nashville story is much like you'd imagine. I moved here because I love songs. Growing up, my dad-an avid Jackson Browne fan-always told me that life was a journey. Nothing in my life has proven to be more true. I never knew how much having to hear the same Jackson records over and over would teach me. I couldn't have cared any less when I was younger, now I know how valuable those moments were. We're all just looking for a good bridge aren't we? Something to walk us from the end of something sweet or tragic into something new. Growing up, my family always thought I'd be some kind of fashion buyer or something along those lines. I threw them for a loop when I told them I was moving to Nashville. I couldn't be in a better place though, fashion and clothes still prove to be a huge part of my life and creative expression. Songs and fashion go hand in hand to me. After all, wasn't Manuel responsible for officially making Johnny Cash the Man in Black?"


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"These are my Rag and Bone Newbury Floral booties-everyone knows that I'm obsessed with all things floral. They were a gift from Brandi Clark for styling her for the CMA's earlier this month. I never would have been able to get them otherwise! It was my first experience styling someone and it was a blast."