Aleta, 34, Artist  

What's your Nashville story? 

"I'm an artist and I love the artist community here. I do acting and I also do music but I've just found a really great community of people. They may not be the most well known to the world but they are some of the best hearts and have the best content. It's like once people get a taste of what Nashville artists are about then they're like why have we been missing out? And that's why people are coming here-because of the heart and the soul of the artists that are here. They really make up why Nashville is so great." 


 What is your favorite part of your outfit and why? 

"That's hard. (Laughs). I do like a lot of hodgepodge and how things go together...but I love denim. I'm coming to realize that may be a signature fabric for me. I love fabrics and things that flow, I love patterns, I love color. That would describe all of me in one sentence. Denim is really becoming my favorite thing. I chose the shirt first and then whatever else I felt would go with it."