David, 45,  Integrative Physician 

What's your Nashville story? 

"I came to medical school here at Vanderbilt some years ago and found myself fortunate to marry a lovely woman from Clarkesville. I drug her up North to Mayo Clinic and now we're settling back in town, started a clinic and we've been thrilled to be back in Nashville because this is what feels like home to us. You know, Nashville has energy that just makes me plain happy. I love art, I love artists, the visual arts and auditory arts so I'm just glad to be in the presence of people who appreciate the fullness of humanity."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why? 

"I just love seersucker. It's a southern summer and it's one of the last days I get to wear it and I also love my green shoes. It makes me feel happy. It's just more fun and more people should wear it."