Audrey, 26, Sales Executive at UAL

What's your Nashville story? 

"I moved here almost a year ago in October and I came from Georgia which is not known for style at all. I wanted to be able to move somewhere that was accepting of creatives and accepting of different peoples ideas. Where people wouldn't look at you like a freak if you wore two different patterns together. I had several friends that lived in Nashville so I just decided to move here and it's been great so far. I've been able to explore so much with my style. I love that about Nashville. I love that even if it's not something that you're into, people are accepting of the fact that you're creative and that's your thing and that's how you express yourself. Everybody's so supportive of that here and so willing to meet and connect and help each other and it's not all just cut throat. It's really helped me expand my dreams of being involved in fashion in any way and helped me expand my style and be more expressive with that. Nashville's been that conduit that's helped me become who I want to be in fashion."


 What is your favorite part of your outfit and why? 

"Probably my overshirt just because I love to thrift. I'm very big into vintage so anything I can take that has a vintage look to it and make it more modern, that's just so much fun for me. It's got little clasps that go all the way up to the neck it's a cool look. I love vintage."