Kirsty, "just turned 27,"  Freelance Marketer and Consultant and Founder of Mod.

What's your Nashville story? 

"I've been coming back and forth to Nashville for eight years with my boyfriend who I met freshman year of college. I always thought I would never want to live here because his family is here and it would make me sad to be away from my family. We left Austin, Texas six months ago, not knowing where we would go and looking at Atlanta, Asheville and Charleston. We just didn't want to leave Nashville after being here long enough. It's been really easy to move here and meet people and meet friends but also a support system which makes it possible to start your own company and women's organization in a couple of months. (Laughs)."


 What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?  

"My ring. My sister graduated from Gettysburg last May and my Aunt and I were wandering around the square because there was a flea market and I found this ring. I talked to the vendor a long time because it was such a reasonable price and I told him how in Texas they charge so much more for turquoise because they know the value.   It's turquoise and cora and you can see from the inscriptions on the back that it's actually two separate artists. I talked and talked and talked to the vendor and I left because I couldn't afford it but my Aunt went back and bought it for me. This was May of last year and she just gave it to me for my birthday in February, nine months later."