Kevin, 22, Producer/Drummer

What's your Nashville story? 

"I grew up in Connecticut and I came here to go to college but I also knew that I basically wanted to move here. So my second year of college I got a house here and moved to town permanently. I've just really enjoyed doing music here. I couldn't see myself doing it anywhere else. I've had a lot of opportunities to work here which is really cool and yeah it's just awesome. Literally me and my buddy-we just tracked keys on one of his songs and I'm producing it-Justin Forrest. He plays guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan but has the voice of Justin Timberlake. It's pretty rad."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why? 

"You know, I would say my hat. I feel like it's a signature for guys-if you get a good hat it's like there's nothing better."