Marcia, 33, Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Nashville Fashion Week and the Senior Marketing Manager for 

What's your Nashville story?

"What originally drew me was the music industry and a boy in a band. That did not last but I think what the most magnificent thing is about this city is the fact that it is still obtainable. Like everyone says, well there's such an electricity going on within so many of the industries here and especially with the creative industry at the forefront right now including fashion and music. You can still be very significant here and not get lost in translation."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"Well that's a great question. It's actually my shoes. It is a brand new style that was just launched by curator Arden Wohl for Cri De Coeur which is a vegan shoe company. I am actually a vegan and that translates from my food and also to my style."