Darren, 35, Financial Controller

What's your London story?

"I love London 'cause it's got everything. It's got all the music, all the culture and behind every corner there's something going on. It's just that. It's dark. I grew up here with garage and jungle we did most of it and apart from New York we've done it all."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"I love my Old Moss trousers from the old Garage Dungeon days it's my old raving trousers and I love them."

What do you think of when I say Nashville, Tennessee?

"It probably makes me think of SXSW and the whole kind of Austin thing..."

(Me: "That's Texas")

"It is. I just associate it with the South. It's just a loose Southern states thing and there's also this weird kind of subculture bubbling up in the South so I associate it all with that."