Joanne, "50 plus shipping and handling", Mom and Teacher at the University of Toronto

What's your Nashville story?

"I've worked as a stylist, I've worked as a model and a fashion model for senior women in Canada. I'm the mom of some pretty awesome musicians here in Nashville and that's what brings me here...My children are singer-songwriters, I have four children. Out of my four children, three of them are singer-songwriters. One was signed to Hollywood Records and then she chose to not let music be her career and then my two youngest children have music as their career which brought them to Nashville. And my youngest daughter lives here and she is doing a show at the Bluebird on Friday night and it's called "See the Music." She's hard of hearing and it's going to be the first time ever at the Bluebird that there will be a show that's going to be carded and captioned and it's going to be the first time that the people in the deaf and hard of hearing community are actually able to attend the Bluebird so I'm pretty proud of that. She's invited my son who is a well known singer-songwriter to join her on the stage as well as Shane McAnally who just went to the Grammys and Tony Arata who wrote "The Dance" with Garth Brooks. So that's happening Friday at 6:30 and I'm here for that."

Link for show: Bluebird Cafe


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"One of the favorite parts of my outfit is the scarf that I'm wearing today that I purchased in Nashville from Moda Boutique right beside Frothy Monkey. It's made by an artisan here...I think somewhere in the United States-maybe in Nashville and I love it. It's cashmere, just ripped wool, cut wool. It's boiled and I love it. It just says my name all over it and I wanted it for probably a year and a half and I finally got it last year because I stared at it in store several times and said: it looks like me."