Abbey Caroline


Abbey Caroline, 26, Barista, Content Developer for a Nashville Music, Art and Culture blog and an Independent Model. 

What's your Nashville story?

"I kind of ended up here a little over a year so just kind of by chance I guess. And since then, it's just been so easy to meet people here and get plugged in. Nashville's good through a creative renaissance right now and it's kind of amazing to be part of it. Through the different things that I do it's been cool to meet awesome people. It's kind of just an overall it's cool to be here at this time. When Nashville's growing and everyone is doing new things. Seeing the fashion scene growing is great. There hasn't been much going on but now it's taking off which is cool to see."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"Probably my boots. I wear them all the time, they're comfortable and I like the way they look. I got them at the Flea Market. I love shopping at the Flea Market."