Patrick, 27, Motivational Speaker

What's your Nashville story?

"I've been in Nashville for about ten...almost since I was about ten years old. I'm an East Nashville native. I went to Meigs, I went to Hume Fogg. So I've just been a part of Nashville for a very very long time. Now as a motivational speaker I enjoy the ability to travel around this city and as well as other cities being able to tell the story of...catching the bus early in the morning, walking through the projects, going to Meigs, being downtown at the castle of Hume Fogg and now being able to see the city go through gentrification and kind of sit on the opposite side of the pole being back in the schools on the other side of education and being able to help people understand that dreams come true every day." 


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"Today it would have to be my London Fog sweater. I'm a big fan of the tweed buttons and the double purpose collar. It folds down so on regular days it just serves as a sweater but on a chilly day like today the collar pops up and keeps my neck and my ears warm."