Tyler + Alexis


Tyler, 22, Sales Associate at Urban Outfitters and does Chain Stitch Embroidery on the side

Alexis, 22, Junior in College studying Fashion Merchandizing and Sales Associate at Urban Outfitters 


What's your Nashville story?

"Well I moved here after dropping out of college at the end of my second year. The music program at the school I was going to was pretty bad so I decided why not move to Nashville? So I moved down and started working at Urban Outfitters and I've got my foot in the Western fashion scene down here. I work with Katy K who does a lot of western wear.  At some point I would love to do some work with Manuel. For now I've only been down here for a year and a half and I still feel like I'm getting my feet on the ground. Fairly soon hopefully you'll see some of my work coming out."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"My jacket which was made by Manuel. It was originally designed for someone else but they did not want it for some reason. He took it in and made it fit me exactly. I love what he does and someday I want to work there. My jacket from Manuel will be with me forever."


What's your Nashville story?

"I just moved here for college. I go to MTSU State and I've been there for three years. I pretty much like Nashville but I'm headed to New York to pursue my fashion career."


What is your favorite part of your outfit and why?

"My favorite part is my tie-dyed  denim shirt that I did myself.  I couldn't afford the one they had at Urban Outfitters so I tie-dyed it myself and it came out pretty perfect. I love it."